If your doctor has recommended hip replacement surgery, you’re in good company; as many as 2.5 million Americans are currently living with a hip implant, according to the Mayo Clinic.

With a little advance planning and preparation, you can ensure your home is conducive to the unique needs you’ll experience post-surgery, allowing for enhanced safety and a reduced risk of falling. THE MEDICAL TEAM’s in-home care experts offer the following room-by-room recommendations:

Make sure clothing is easily accessible, without the need for reaching high or bending low. If necessary, move your favorite and most commonly worn items into middle drawers and the front of your closet. Also note that an unusually high bed will be more difficult to climb in and out of after your surgery. You may want to consider sleeping in another room temporarily if a lower bed is available, or discuss your concerns with the physical or occupational therapist.

Remove any throw rugs and bath mats that are not firmly secured to the floor. Consider installing grab bars in and around the tub/shower, and beside the toilet. Also check the height of your toilet seat; if when sitting your knees are higher than your hips, you’ll want to utilize a raised toilet seat.

As with the bedroom, move commonly-utilized items to drawers, cabinets, and countertops that are accessible without bending or stretching. It’s also a great time to prepare and freeze meals that can be easily reheated as you recover.

Throughout the Home
Most patients recovering from hip replacement surgery require the use of a walker. Obtaining your walker prior to surgery will enable you to test it both in and out of your home to see what pieces of furniture or other objects will need to be moved to allow you easy and safe access.

One of the best pre-surgical steps you can take is arranging for post-surgical care in the home. THE MEDICAL TEAM provides a full range of customized medical and non-medical services that help patients recover more comfortably and safely, allowing them to focus on resting and healing. Services include meal preparation, housework, medication reminders, running errands, and much more. Serving New Orleans, Detroit, Austin, Dallas, and the metro DC area, contact us to learn the many ways we can assist you.