Holidays are a wonderful time of family togetherness, filled with joyful surprises, delicious meals and treats, and a chance to strengthen family ties. However, a number of factors can interfere with a picture-perfect holiday season for seniors. Families often live at a distance from one another, and travel can be difficult due to finances, health factors, the needs of young children, and more.

Of course, no one wants an older adult to spend the holidays alone. One solution to help seniors enjoy the holiday season is engaging the services of a professional in-home care provider, such as THE MEDICAL TEAM. Here’s why:

We serve as partners in care. We work in tandem with families to ensure that each senior’s lifestyle is upheld as he or she wishes. We truly listen to what’s important to both the senior and his or her loved ones, and incorporate those needs into an individualized plan of care.

We alleviate loneliness. Seniors living alone can feel isolated, and this can be magnified during the holidays. We brighten days for seniors with the compassionate care and friendly companionship that keeps loneliness and isolation at bay.

We enhance safety. Seniors who live alone are safer with support. We monitor health conditions, assess the home for fall risks, provide therapy services and exercise programs, and serve as a skilled team of eyes and ears to pick up on any changes that may require a doctor’s intervention.

For those who are visiting a senior over the holidays, we’ve created a checklist of changes to look for that can help determine if additional assistance in the home could be beneficial.

To help keep a senior you know happier and healthier this holiday season, contact the in-home care experts at THE MEDICAL TEAM. We can provide a free in-home consultation to learn more about the senior’s unique situation, and devise a personalized plan of care to ensure his or her needs are fully met.

Whether just a little help around the home and some companionship are needed, or full-time, around-the-clock skilled nursing care, THE MEDICAL TEAM is on hand to provide professional, personalized care for seniors – right in the comfort of home.Contact us to learn more about our New Orleans, Detroit, Austin, Dallas, and metro DC home care services.