Job Opportunities


We value our employees and strive to make THE MEDICAL TEAM the employer of choice in each of our service locations. Our company was founded in 1978 and has operated home care agencies in Louisiana since 1979, in Texas and Michigan since 1983, and in Virginia since 1985. Our long-term stability offers employee security, and the reputation for quality care that we have gained in the communities we serve is a source of employee pride.

Why Choose a Career in Home Care?

Are you a healthcare professional considering a career change? Then you should know that home healthcare is a booming industry. As our population ages, the demand will only increase. By working in the patient’s home you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with patients and their families to help improve the patient’s quality of life and help them remain living independently. Home healthcare also offers the opportunity for flexible schedules to accommodate your personal needs.


THE MEDICAL TEAM makes every effort to provide a work environment that attracts exceptional individuals, fosters a strong sense of purpose and teamwork, and actively supports the individual’s professional development and personal growth. We expect to provide you with a unique and meaningful career, one that grows as you grow. We want to provide a positive work environment that you look forward to each day. We hope to support your professional goals, and your personal ones too. We want to facilitate your success by providing you with the tools you need. In short, we want to be the best place you have ever worked.


THE MEDICAL TEAM offers a competitive benefit and compensation package. Depending upon the position, whether you work full- or part-time and how you are compensated your package may include:

  • Medical, dental and vision health insurance
  • Company paid insurance (Long Term Disability Insurance and Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance)
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan
  • Paid designated and floating holidays
  • Generous annual vacation allowance
  • Paid sick leave
  • Inservice education and other extensive training opportunities, such as at our state-of-the-art Skills Lab in Michigan and Virginia
  • Professional development including professional society membership, educational seminars, and tuition reimbursement
  • Employee discounts/Rewards Program
  • Company car, phone and laptop
  • Travel expense and mileage reimbursements
  • Daily Pay voluntary benefit (available in TX, MI and VA)

THE MEDICAL TEAM in the Community

THE MEDICAL TEAM is active in the community. The company encourages and supports individual and collective participation in local community events and social service projects. Each year, employee and corporate community efforts include support for events benefiting AIDS, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, mental health, brain injuries and cancer research and education efforts, as well as holiday outreach to support gift drives and provide meals to homebound seniors.

Equal Employment Employer

The company is deeply committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity in its recruitment, hiring, employment, and promotion practices. It is company policy to fill vacant positions with the best-qualified candidates. The company does not discriminate against any individual because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in employment, demotion, transfer, recruitment, layoff, termination, rates of pay or other compensation, selection for training, or any other benefit.

Employee Stories

What does it mean to be a MEDICAL TEAM Employee?

As a member of our team, you will probably work harder than you ever imagined. You may often find yourself stretched to the limit, but you are unlikely to experience boredom or the feeling that your job is a dead end. And every day you can go home knowing you made a difference in someone’s life. Here is what some of our employees have to say about their careers at THE MEDICAL TEAM, and what they like most about their jobs.

Angie, Business Manager, San Antonio, TX (21 years at THE MEDICAL TEAM)

Angie started her career as a receptionist, and now as Business Manager within the accounting department manages a staff of four and handles payroll, billing and collections. She feels professionally and personally successful and attributes this to the company’s efforts to help channel her skills and give her opportunities to grow. When asked what it is like to work for THE MEDICAL TEAM, she remarks “I feel that my input matters. That is one thing about this company. It is not just upper management that has input in changes and process improvement. They really do listen to what other team members have to say.”

Dana, Community Liaison, Livonia, MI (2 years at THE MEDICAL TEAM)

With a background in geriatric psychology, Dana, a Licensed Master Social Worker, accepted a job at THE MEDICAL TEAM so she could better put her skills to work as a social worker. She says, “I’ve never loved a company so much.” She was attracted to the opportunity to serve in an advocate role to patients and to be able to represent the company. She loves the variety in her day to day work as she gets to help patients and their families access services; she trains staff and helps to market the company to potential referral sources. She is constantly learning new things about home care and enjoys the challenge and the feeling that she is part of a team doing something good. She also appreciates the respect, support and appreciation she is given for her work. Her mom was cared for by THE MEDICAL TEAM after her knee replacement and Dana says, “I was so thrilled to refer her to THE MEDICAL TEAM. My mom was so impressed.” She feels that if her own family can use the company then that is all that matters. “I know it is a good company.”

Tanya, Medical Social Worker, Metairie, LA (Newly hired)

Tanya, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, recently joined THE MEDICAL TEAM so she could pursue a career in home care, following many years in private practice social work and behavioral health counseling. She was attracted to THE MEDICAL TEAM because of the company’s stability, its energy and vision and its reputation within the community. Looking for a company she could dedicate herself to, Tanya feels she made the right decision by choosing THE MEDICAL TEAM. In her role as Community Liaison she has been doing home visits, which are her passion. “I enjoy community outreach work. It beats being in the office all day. I get to be the eyes and ears for my patients who cannot get out and are not aware of the resources available to them.”

Veronica, Home Health Aide, Houma, LA (9 months at THE MEDICAL TEAM)
Veronica, a Certified Nursing Assistant, chose to work at THE MEDICAL TEAM because of the flexible schedule. The mother of four young children, she says, “At THE MEDICAL TEAM I can work at my own pace, be home when my kids get home and schedule my working hours to fit my personal needs.” Finding the right balance between work and her personal life is much easier now than when she used to work at a nursing home. Veronica plans to become a nurse and can do this while continuing to work at THE MEDICAL TEAM. When asked about what she enjoys most about her job, Veronica says she likes getting to know her patients individually and learns a lot from them. She also enjoys the supportive work environment. “The office is quick to answer my questions. They are very flexible and supportive. I am always learning something new.”

Kim, Behavioral Health Nurse, Flint, MI (20 months at THE MEDICAL TEAM)

Kim, a Registered Nurse, had worked at psychiatric hospitals for fifteen years. She was thrilled when the opportunity to work “one on one” with patients as a behavioral health nurse was offered to her by THE MEDICAL TEAM. She finds her new role, working with patients to help them remain living independently, more rewarding than being with a group of patients. She gets to know each patient much better and can coordinate care to their exact needs. “When we sit down at the beginning, the families are so happy to have me relieve some of the burden for them.” Kim really appreciates the flexible hours of her new job. She can take on as few or as many hours as she wishes during the course of the year, which enables her to balance work with raising three children. Kim enjoys the work environment at THE MEDICAL TEAM. “Everyone is part of the team and we all work together.”

Phyllis, Clinical Care Coordinator, Wound Care Specialist, Reston, VA (10 years at THE MEDICAL TEAM)

Phyllis left a hospital after 25 years to continue her nursing career in home care, a decision she has not regretted. “Working at THE MEDICAL TEAM has been an excellent experience. Having talked to people in home care in other areas, I find that this company is much more supportive of what you are doing.” She began as a staff nurse and was promoted to Clinical Care Coordinator. She enjoys this role, as she gets to work with patients on a more personal level. “The most satisfying thing is working with the patients and seeing them and their families being able to cope and deal with the situation. In a hospital the patients come in, they may get better and then they leave, but you don’t see the full circle.” At THE MEDICAL TEAM, Phyllis has gained certification as a Wound Care Specialist. She says that the company was open and receptive when she asked to pursue Wound Care certification. She hopes to continue her training in wound care and says the company is very supportive of this. “We are urged to go to conferences if we feel it is going to help us. The company supports us financially or with time off, if needed.”