When we think of senior falls, we envision a variety of injuries that can occur – bruising, fractures, and head injuries, for instance. Yet there’s an increasingly common injury that may seem surprising: eye trauma. Injuries to the eye typically result from blunt force trauma leading to black eyes, damaged eyelids and/or tear glands.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) offers tips to reduce the chance of eye injuries from senior falls:

  1. Ensure older adults receive annual eye exams.
  2. Review medications with the doctor to determine if any dangerous side effects might be at play that could increase fall risk, such as drowsiness or dizziness.
  3. Assess the home for fall hazards:
    1. Clear away any clutter blocking walkways, both inside and outside of the home
    1. Remove all throw rugs, extension cords, and any other tripping hazards
    1. Ensure there is sufficient lighting throughout the home
  4. Place grab bars beside the toilet, in and around the shower, and anywhere else in the home as needed.
  5. Place non-slip strips or mats in the tub and on bathroom floors.

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