Caring for seniors at home is one of the most selfless and rewarding commitments family members can undertake. It allows family caregivers the opportunity to spend quality time with the senior in their care, often leading to a stronger bond than ever before. However, it can also raise some concerns and challenges that can best be addressed by enlisting help.

At THE MEDICAL TEAM, we partner with families to provide the safe, trusted, highly skilled care that allows family caregivers the chance to maintain a healthy life balance while knowing their loved one is well cared for. Yet it often takes time before both the senior and his or her family caregiver feel comfortable with the idea of in-home assistance. Here are common questions than can arise:

Shouldn’t I be able to handle my loved one’s care myself? Caring for a senior may initially be manageable for a family caregiver, but over time, it can become more challenging, particularly as care needs increase. For instance, an older adult who is ambulatory and fully alert may simply need a little help around the house or with running errands. However, when a senior struggles with cognitive issues, or requires assistance to transfer from the bed to a chair, to the bathroom, etc., the need for more vigilant care becomes apparent. Working with an in-home care professional, like THE MEDICAL TEAM, allows family members to decide what tasks they want to continue to do for their loved one, and what tasks might be more effectively handled if delegated.

What if my loved one doesn’t want help from anyone but me? There are several approaches for a senior who is resistant to outside help. Try letting the senior know that the help is to benefit you, the caregiver; and start small, such as offering to bring someone in just to help with a few household chores and perhaps preparing several meals a week, and once the senior feels comfortable, services can be expanded as needed. It’s also often a good idea for you to offer to be present the first few times the caregiver comes over, until the two get to know each other.

There are so many options out there; how do I know which one is best for my loved one? There are some key factors to consider in choosing a home care provider: How long has the agency been in business? Are they licensed or accredited? Do they offer nursing oversight and skilled care services in addition to non-medical assistance? Are the care staff bonded and insured? Compile a list that includes these questions and any others that are important to you, and when you find an agency that meets your required criteria, you can schedule a visit with them in your senior’s home for a consultation.

At THE MEDICAL TEAM, we’ve been helping seniors remain safe and well at home since 1978 and continue to offer customized care solutions that improve quality of life for seniors and their families. We’re accredited, all of our staff are fully background screened, bonded, and insured and we are pleased to provide a wide range of home health services that meet both medical and non-medical needs.

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