They’ve dedicated their lives to serving our country, to keeping each of us safe, to protecting our freedom, and to placing their own needs second to those of their fellow Americans. Nearly 50% of all veterans are at least 65 years old. As they age it’s our turn to give back to them and to ensure their needs are met.

At THE MEDICAL TEAM, we’re honored to assist veterans with maintaining the dignity they so deserve as they grow older, by providing the opportunity to remain in the comfort of home with individualized care. We realize that veterans often face certain unique challenges, such as:

  • PTSD and other mental health concerns. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one well-publicized condition that can occur in those who’ve served during a time of war, or experienced other traumatic events firsthand. Veterans often face additional mental health challenges, such as depression, substance abuse, and even an increased risk of dementia, all of which require specialized care.
  • Physical injuries. More than half of all veterans report ongoing, chronic musculoskeletal pain, particularly in the shoulders, knees, back and neck. As a result, physical therapy and physician-guided exercise programs are often an integral part of a veteran’s plan of care.
  • Infections. A number of infectious diseases are prevalent in veterans who have been deployed, which most other Americans never have to face, including parasitic diseases and several strains of bacterial infections that can linger for years after exposure.

Other conditions can range from traumatic brain injury to urologic concerns, hearing impairment or pain and numbness from noise and vibration exposure, and more.

THE MEDICAL TEAM is fully equipped to help veterans with skilled, personalized care services to address all of these needs, allowing for a higher quality of life, enhanced safety and maximum independence through:

  • Home health care: Covering everything from homemaking and home health aide services to skilled nursing care services.
  • Catastrophic care: Rehab and recovery assistance for those who require continuous care due to severe or multiple traumas.
  • Specialized care: For conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, cardiac concerns, diabetes, joint replacement, and others.


We also offer a unique veteran outreach program to help veterans meet diverse, ongoing health challenges. If you’d like to help a veteran realize a much-deserved higher quality of life, contact THE MEDICAL TEAM, serving New Orleans, Detroit, Austin, Dallas and the metro DC areas.