Technology is booming and improving quality of life for all of us in so many ways, but for those with Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions, it can mean the difference between dependency and independence.

As the disease progresses causing increased challenges with motor skills, movement, and the many daily tasks that make up our everyday lives, embracing technology is key. Discovering what advances are available can begin by talking with the primary care physician or neurologist for recommendations, and by being open to trying something new.

In fact, the use of technology can be discussed with the doctor without ever even leaving home – through telemedicine. Receiving medical care in the comfort of home is not only possible now, but is reported to be preferred by those with Parkinson’s, who may have difficulty with mobility and transportation.

Combined with other remote technological equipment, doctors can even perform a variety of tests on patients remotely, including vital sign checks, medication effectiveness, and so much more. And often, simply downloading a few apps on a Smartphone can provide doctors with a wealth of data to help patients better manage Parkinson’s, such as the ability to:

  • Monitor tremors, gait and balance
  • Offer guidance with exercise programs, speech clarity and speed, and more
  • Assist with walking, flexibility and posture

To minimize the dexterity complications that may be experienced in using a standard Smartphone, those with Parkinson’s can utilize intelligent personal assistant software, which is voice-activated; or, they can try adaptive desktop computer tools such as software that allows the mouse to override tremors, and keyboards with enlarged keys to ease typing in spite of tremors.

The professional care staff at THE MEDICAL TEAM are on hand to help those with Parkinson’s disease or any other condition fully utilize the technological tools that will help maintain self-reliance, and are also available to provide a full range of in-home care assistance to ensure the highest possible quality of life at all times.

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