Developed by staff Certified Diabetes Educators, this program is based on the latest standards of the American Diabetes Association. Teaching incorporates proven educational protocols, tailored to individual needs, and emphasizes the development of self-care management skills. THE MEDICAL TEAM has extensive experience implementing this program for our patients’ benefit.

Program Components
  • Health status and educational needs assessment
  • Development of an individualized care plan with specific educational goals
  • Skilled care as ordered by a physician and based on established protocols
  • Program features include: glucose monitoring, medications, nutrition and meal planning, and prevention of complications
  • Comprehensive and clear teaching materials (also available in Spanish)
  • Coordination and communication with the patient’s physician and other health care providers
  • Outcomes reporting on key indicators of diabetes self-management and patient satisfaction
Program Staff

Certified Diabetes Educators oversee the program and provide training and teaching materials to our staff nurses, many of whom have extensive experience in diabetes care and patient education. Registered Dietitians provide instruction about diet and nutrition.

Additional Resources

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