Following knee or hip replacement surgery, patients in this program will be helped to live more fully and be even more active than they were prior to surgery. Patients will be helped to regain as much flexion and extension of the operated joint as possible, achieve maximum functional independence, and ensure proper wound healing. Therapy protocols are based on established national standards.

Program Components

  • Pre-operative in-home consultation (if requested by the physician)
  • Health status and home environment assessment
  • Development of an individualized care plan
  • Skilled care, including physical therapy, occupational therapy as appropriate and nursing care as needed, provided in accordance with the orthopedist’s plan of treatment
  • Patient and family caregiver education, with emphasis on the recuperative process, pain and comfort management, the home environment and therapeutic exercises
  • Comprehensive patient manual with easy-to-read and useful information on all aspects of home recovery (illustrations of commonly prescribed exercises are included)
  • Coordination and communication with the patient’s physician and other health care providers
  • Outcomes tracking of functional and objective results

Program Staff

The patient’s team will include a physical therapist, a registered nurse, and if necessary an occupational therapist and/or medical social worker. Home health aides are also available for assistance with personal care and the activities of daily living. As appropriate, physician specialists, medical social workers and registered dietitians are consulted.

Additional Resources

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

I commend your nurses for the outstanding work they do every day. The intake nurse recognized the desperation in my voice and came to my apartment within the hour. She changed that bandage on my knee replacement that had not been changed since my surgery and dressed the blisters that had formed. They had been very uncomfortable and she took charge of the situation and resolved it.– Female patient