Life is full of stressors, and high levels of stress have been linked to a number of health concerns, particularly for the heart. The good news, however, is that taking steps today to reduce and better manage the stress in your life can help protect your heart and improve your overall quality of life. THE MEDICAL TEAM offers the following tips:

  • Stay connected. Sharing life with others is so crucial for older adults who may find themselves spending a lot of time alone. When family and friends live at a distance, seniors can utilize technology, such as Skype, to recreate the feeling of a face-to-face visit. And although it may seem like a lost art, writing letters and cards is still a great way to stay in touch as well. But nothing can replace in-person contact. Help seniors stay socially active through joining classes or participating in activities of interest in the community where friendships can be formed.
  • Stay active. Daily physical activity provides a mental boost that helps relieve feelings of stress, while optimizing heart, lung, and muscle strength. Good options for older adults include swimming and water aerobics, walking, yoga, and tai chi. Even those with limited mobility can participate in modified exercise programs. Be sure the doctor is first consulted before any exercise program is started, and seek out his or her suggestions on exercises that are most appropriate for the individual.
  • Stay serene. It’s amazing what a change of perspective can do for our level of stress. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by life circumstances, letting go of things that can’t be changed and focusing on those over which we do have control is empowering. It may even be possible to find humor in some stressful situations; if so, lightening up the mood with laughter can also help.


THE MEDICAL TEAM is on hand to reduce stress levels for seniors and their families with professional in-home senior care services such as:

  • Friendly companionship to spend quality time with seniors and alleviate isolation
  • Assistance with routine tasks around the home such as laundry, general organization, light housework, preparing meals, etc.
  • Accompaniment to activities, classes, outings, shopping, and medical appointments
  • Help with personal care such as bathing, dressing, grooming, medication reminders, and assistance with moving around and staying active
  • A full range of skilled nursing care services
  • And much more


Our services are customized to each individual’s needs, and are available throughout New Orleans, Detroit, Austin, Dallas and the metro DC area. Contact us to get started on reducing stress levels and improving quality of life for a senior you know.