Services Provided

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THE MEDICAL TEAM Hospice provides a full range of services to ensure the comfort and care of our patients, as well as their families and friends. Our interdisciplinary team of caregivers can be available at any time- day or night. We offer on-call services that allow the patient, or their family, to receive support and assistance whenever it is needed. You will never feel alone while under the care of THE MEDICAL TEAM Hospice.

Levels of Care

Routine Home Care

  • Typical hospice care provided while the patient’s symptoms are controlled by the team

  • Patients are seen wherever they call home

  • 90% of hospice care is routine care

Continuous Home Care

  • The patient requires frequent intervention to manage symptoms

  • A clinician is placed in the patient’s home for up to 24 hours per day

  • Continuous care is reevaluated every 24 hours to determine if it is still needed

General Inpatient Care

  • Patient’s symptoms require more intense attention than what can be provided at home

  • The patient is transferred to a 24-hour facility

  • Typically short term and patient will return home once symptoms are  managed

Respite Care

  • Allows the caregiver time apart from the patient for planned or emergency situations

  • Part of the caregiver support program

  • Patient is transferred to a 24-hour facility for up to 5 nights

Specialized Services

Available in select locations.