=Caring for a loved one is a great honor and provides a wealth of rewarding benefits. Yet it can also become overwhelming for caregivers who are trying to maintain a healthy life balance, meeting all of their own needs in addition to those of their loved one. And for many caregivers, because they’re so focused on others, feelings of burnout or depression can be difficult to recognize.

THE MEDICAL TEAM recommends watching for these warnings signs in family members who are serving as caregivers for their loved ones:

  • Isolation
  • Disinterest in previously-enjoyed pastimes
  • Too much/too little sleep
  • Unhealthy eating/weight gain or loss
  • Lethargy
  • Feelings of irritability, helplessness, or hopelessness
  • More frequent occurrence of illness

These feelings can strike family caregivers due to:

  • Control concerns. When a loved one’s health condition worsens and care needs increase, the caregiver can be overwhelmed by a sense that life is swirling out of control.
  • Going it alone. It’s common for primary caregivers to feel as though they’re the only ones who can provide care “the right way.” They know best what their loved one likes and dislikes, what routine they are most comfortable with, and how things should be done, and feel reluctant to trust others to step into a caregiving role to allow them to take a break.
  • Unmet expectations. A caregiver may believe that stepping in to care for a loved one will lead to improved health and wellbeing for the person being cared for; and when a chronic condition continues to progress, the caregiver may feel as though she wasn’t doing enough.

It’s important for family caregivers to build a strong network of support, through family, friends, and professionals such as those at THE MEDICAL TEAM. Meeting the care needs for someone is best accomplished through a team approach so that no one person becomes overwhelmed and at risk for caregiver isolation, burnout or depression.

For a trusted care partner in New Orleans, Detroit, Austin, Dallas, or the metro DC area, call on THE MEDICAL TEAM. Our caregivers are fully trained and experienced in helping seniors enjoy the highest possible quality of life, while allowing family caregivers much-needed time away to tend to their own needs, to relax, and to regain the strength and energy needed to remain healthy themselves.

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